Transactional law

Any legal transaction that you enter into will require you to sign a contract, agreement or Deed that sets out the nature of the transaction, any ongoing requirements or commitments, guarantees by the parties and in the case of a contract for sale, what is included or excluded. Verbal contracts may also be proven as binding when there is an exchange of items of value.

Acquiring a new business requires due diligence before you enter into a contract so that you are well aware of what you are getting into rather than discovering unhealthy surprises after committing to the purchase. You may be an employee buying into the business you work for or formalising a business relationship but you should always consult a lawyer for advice once you have details of what is involved and certainly prior to given an indication that you wish to proceed.

You may need assistance with contract documentation, terms of trade, intellectual property or compliance issues, negotiating and/or drafting business or employment contracts, partnership or shareholding arrangements, resolving a dispute, corporate restructuring or estate planning. These are all areas that Tim Bottrell has been focusing on for over ten years at Paul Bard Lawyers. His knowledge and experience of contractual obligations and the legal implications can ensure that you fully understand the contract you are entering into or help you to add clauses to the contract to protect your rights.

Whether you need to prepare or review any form of commercial documentation, including business and share purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, bank documentation, distribution agreements, IT services agreements or others, call us today for commercially focused, strategic, effective advice so that you can move forward more confidently.