Lawyers Sydney

In 2004 Paul Bard Lawyers engaged Raymond Janz as a business consultant to assist in documenting policies and procedures in preparation for quality assurance accreditation. Ray has been actively involved with Paul Bard in developing the firm and took on the role of Business Manager in 2008. His experience in financial analysis and quality assurance with a number of law firms ensures that the firm is run efficiently and cost effectively.

Ray has been a member of the firm’s management team since 2004 and maintains all internal precedents. He ensures that matter ledgers are kept up to date and produces commercial invoices and statements each month. Since founding Rajan Enterprises in 1998, Ray has consulted to many law firms and businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Parramatta, Hornsby, Gosford and other locations. His continued role with the firm ensures that quality assurance principles are adhered to and effective client communication maintained.