LitigationOperating in today’s business world throws up many challenges and sometimes you may need the assistance of a lawyer to successfully overcome those challenges. Whether it is a dispute in relation to your business processes, employment contracts, sale or purchase of a business or issues relating to a lease, getting sound advice before responding to another party can save a lot of angst and cost if the dispute escalates. Quite often, knowing how to respond to an issue before it becomes a dispute can avoid the need for litigation. Once the parties involved in a dispute start creating a document or email trails relating to the dispute, the legal process that may eventuate will focus on the evidence, rather than the real points at issue.

The emphasis at Paul Bard Lawyers is to reach a commercially viable resolution for our clients, avoiding if possible, the cost of litigation where it can be avoided. Our partners are both Accredited Specialists in Commercial Litigation with over 50 years experience between them and once you discuss your issue or dispute with them, they will use their knowledge and experience to guide you to the response that will help you achieve your desired result. If the dispute has been inflamed by emotional responses, it may be that your desired result is not achievable through the legal process and we will certainly point that out to you as well.

Paul Bard Lawyers use the latest technology to organise and index files and to carry out research that enables us to efficiently resolve your matter. All documents received by the firm are scanned with optical text recognition upon arrival and profiled into electronic matter files, which date back to 2000 when the firm began operating. These are indexed daily so that all documents in our extensive library can be searched for a word or phrase in minutes. This means that we can quickly access other documents relating to similar issues in order to provide advice that meets your needs.