Paul Bard and Jeffrey Chard

Commercial Lawyers & Litigation Specialists

Paul Bard and Jeffrey Chard are the partners of Paul Bard Lawyers, a specialist litigation and commercial law firm in the Sydney CBD. Paul and Jeffrey are Accredited Specialists in Commercial Litigation. Jeffrey is a Global Law Experts Recommended Attorney. With over 35 years of experience between them, Paul and Jeffrey can advise you on the options available if you feel that instigating legal proceedings against another party is an option you wish to undertake.

Mediation is a recommended early step in any proceeding, but must be undertaken with an open mind and a desire to resolve the conflict. Disputes require an objective viewpoint and engaging a lawyer who can review the documents involved and the actions taken to date to provide sound advice on the potential outcomes, costs and impact of instigating court action is advisable. This will often involve reviewing agreements or contracts to determine the legal implications of responding one way or another.

Legal Services

Tim Bottrell, senior associate at Paul Bard Lawyers, provides this level of transactional experience to assist the partners in determining the merits of litigation. When litigation is instigated, the lawyers for each party will file motions and undertake discovery of documents relating to the conflict in order to build their case and these sometimes highlight areas of personal interest that the parties may not have considered. Filing fees will require initial outlays and these can cost a few thousand dollars, particularly in insolvency matters, therefore you need to be prepared to invest in achieving the outcome you desire. Some firms will undertake these costs on the basis of a higher fee when an outcome is reached and most will charge for their time in six minute units, usually rounded up.

Paul Bard Lawyers will issue invoices to you on a regular basis throughout the course of a matter for the time spent. This ensures that you remain aware of the costs at all times and their time is charged in one minute units. Paul Bard Lawyers aims to provide responsive and innovative commercial advice and solutions to our clients and challenging and rewarding careers for our valued staff. We achieve that by regularly reviewing our matters and advising clients of the costs and any actions taken by either party that will impact on the future path and costs of the matter.

The firm maintains accreditation under the ISO 9001 and quality standard, surveying clients on services provided and supporting our staff with training to maintain high levels of competence and satisfaction. As a result the firm has a very low turnover of staff, so you can be assured of personal interaction with your lawyer and our administrative staff throughout the course of your matter. If you are considering litigation or need to take action against an insolvency claim, call Paul Bard Lawyers to discuss the merits of your case.

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